Karen Austin, Part Three


Elsewhere, I provided my comments on Nicole de Boer and her remarkable expressiveness.  I was struck by how her subtle facial expressions lent a special something to the role of Ezri Dax--something that was previously absent from Jadzia Dax.

To a lesser extent, I also like the little bits of expressiveness that Karen Austin brought to Lana Wagner. These images don't really capture that though, possibly because this role didn't properly capitalize on such nuances.  However, I think she has proven herself as an actress, for reasons that I'll expound upon later.


What did Ms. Austin bring to this role?  A certain wholesome appeal, for one thing.  Markie Post did a wonderful job on this show, and she's the female lead that is most fondly remembered.  However, while Ms. Post was lovely in her own way, I prefer Ms. Austin's wholesome (yet suitably sophisticated) appeal.

And doggone it, that megawatt smile sure doesn't hurt!



I thought that her Lana Wagner struck an interesting balance--unattainable, yet barely so.  Hollywood has a way of casting glamourous women in TV roles, even on sitcoms.  This often makes them seem artificial in their unreachability.  I think that Lana's combination of sweetness and good looks helped her strike a proper balance between glamour and reachability.

Doggone it.  Too bad we never got to see more of her.


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