A tribute to Karen Austin

One of my favorite (albeit relatively obscure) actresses is the delightful Ms. Karen Austin.  Why?  Read on and find out.


Well for one thing, I always thought that Karen Austin was one of those underrated Hollywood beauties. Even in her younger days, she wasn't the type of glamour gal that you typically saw on magazine covers; however, she had a certain striking beauty that always grabbed my attention. I think it was a combination of her high cheekbones and her sparkling blue eyes. Whatever the case, she was definitely an eye-catcher.

She has had roles on a number of TV shows, including Happy Days and Three's Company. In fact, she seems to have had a fairly steady acting career. I remember her from the short-lived and entertaining (albeit unevenly conceived) comedy-adventure show, The Quest. I remember her most fondly from the first season of Night Court, from which several of these images are taken.



I have included these images for commentary purposes—to illustrate the sparkling eyes and facial bone structure of which I spoke, for example. I'd also like to use them to illustrate examples of her acting and facial expressions, and the types of roles that she has held.

Yes, Karen was a delight (and presumably, still is). I'll say more about that in the pages to come.

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