Nicole deBoer as Ezri Dax, Part Three


Earlier, I mentioned that this episode was an opportunity to flesh out Ezri's character. In the process, it also produced one of my favorite scenes in all of Trek history.

During the first half of this episode, Ezri complained about how she wasn't used to her new body, and how one of her previous hosts had been a gymnast. We got to revisit that concept later in the episode, when Ezri performed a spectacular backflip to catch a runaway flyball. Such a spectacular catch, with a grandiose flourish, was called a "Fancy Dan," according to the research that Bashir and O'Brien had been conducting on the sport.

It was a great sight to behold. Of course, I'm under no illusion that Ms. deBoer actually performed that stunt, but still... I just love that scene! I wish I knew how they ever found someone who could perform that stunt. (I'm assuming that this wasn't just done with computer trickery, mind you. I could be wrong.)

See why I said that this was a fun episode?



The twist at the end of this episode was great. Usually, in stories like this, the underdog manages to pull off a victory through some miraculous means. Well, that's not how it happened here, and yet the team did salvage victory in an unusual way.

Yeah, I just loved a lot of the DS9 writing, just as I loved the way the writers handled Ezri. And as I've been ranting, I love what Nicole deBoer did with this role.

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