Nicole deBoer as Ezri Dax, Part Five


I selected these images, and those on the preceding page, to show how Ezri used subtle (and sometimes, not-so-subtle) facial expressions to convey her moods and reactions.  It often seemed as though her expressions were in a constant change of flux, and yet she never took this to excess.  Rather, to my mind, her changing expressions seemed properly emotive and utterly natural.  It's as though she really stepped in to this role, and handled herself well.

One of my favorite bits occurred in Afterimage, when Ezri complained about spacesickness, and asked Sisko if the station's inertial dampers could be adjusted to make DS9 spin more slowly.  The expressions on her face were absolutely priceless!

In the same episode, Ezri was sent to act as counselor to Garak.  Garak had been struggling with guilt over his role in betraying Cardassia, which was necessary to prevent the Dominion from winning the war.  Note how various expressions crept over Ms. deBoer's face as she observed Garak's final emotional breakdown.  I feel that she had truly stepped into her role.  It was as though she, as an actress, was observing one man's breakdown and catharsis for the very first time, and that was just then realizing what had occurred.  Again, a wonderful moment, made more real by her emotive reactions.



There were so many other scenes that served as fine examples.  Her complaints about adjusting to her new body in Take Me Out to the Holosuite, for example.  Or her reactions in Afterimage, where she responded to what she perceived as Bashir's flirting with her.  I'd love to document each of these scenes, and talk about what Ms. deBoer brought to that role.  Suffice to say that she was mighty darned good.

If there are any producers out there reading this, I hope that they'll give her some more of these roles in the future.  She is perhaps my favorite Star Trek actress of all time.

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