Karen Austin, Part Five


One thing's for sure... She sure didn't lose her sparkling eyes as she aged.

Ms. Austin also had an appearance in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (one of the finest TV science fiction series of all time) as a physician who was thrust into a disaster situation. Mind you, this was 13 years after her Night court days. It's a tribute to her talent that she continues to land these roles, at a time when many other actresses would be considered washed up and unmarketable.

And once again, that megawatt smile sure doesn't hurt!



She had an even more recent appearance on an episode of the lamentable Star Trek: Voyager series, in which she played the Klingon mother of B'Elanna Torres. I find it interesting when an attractive woman manages to land a role in which her face is covered with latex. One's talent has to shine through, since there's no getting by on one's looks in a situation like that!


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