Karen Austin, Part Six

K Austin

I recently got to watch Summer Rental, a low-impact comedy starring John Candy. Karen Austin played his devoted wife, and did a darned fine job of it, too. I think she has just the right kind of look for this type of role—a woman who's undeniably attractive, without being unrealistically glamorous. Too many movies impose some type of plastic Barbie doll as the female lead for some Joe Schmoe actor. In contrast, this movie had a woman who was beautiful, yet not unrealistically so.

This movie got a lot of rave reviews on IMDB. Frankly, I don't see why. It seemed like a so-so outing—entertaining enough, but not mind-grabbing. Worth watching on TV, but I wouldn't go out of my way to catch it. Still, Ms. Austin did a fine job.

I appreciate the fact that this movie didn't hyper-sensualize Ms. Austin or any of the female characters (with one arguable exception, as mentioned below). I like it when they can portray a strong female character without having to capitalize on all their curves and sexual charms. There were some scenes of Ms. Austin in a bathing suit, but these were all tastefully done.

And I'll say it again—that megawatt smile sure doesn't hurt!

K Austin

K Austin

The movie itself was reasonably wholesome, which is a refreshing change for a 1980s comedy. There was one distasteful scene that involved breast implants, but at least that scene wasn't as bad as your typical 80s fare. I'm not about to overlook it, but I will acknowledge that it was reasonably tame for its time.


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