Karen Austin, Part Two


During the first few episodes of Night Court, Karen played court clerk Lana Wagner, the would-be romantic foil for Judge Harry Stone.  I always thought that she was the best thing about the first season, and not just because of her haunting eyes.

I always thought that she had good chemistry with Harry, and that she was the best of his romantic interests throughout the series. 

Unfortunately, it seems that the producers felt otherwise.  She was let go before the first season was over, to my great dismay.  I've seen some people suggest that she had good chemistry with Harry Anderson, but not with the rest of the cast.  If so, then perhaps that's why her character was written out so soon.

What a terrible shame.  I thought that their burgeoning romance had great dramatic (and comedic!) potential.  I felt a great sense of loss upon realizing that we would never see anything happen between them.



Her character projected likeability and subtle beauty.  She was rather reminiscent of WKRP's Jan Smithers in that regard—a great compliment indeed.

And yes, Karen's expression in the image shown here illustrates how I felt about her departure.  Nuts.


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