About Maylo McCaslin

An obscure actress, but one that I felt like commenting on. The images here are used for commentary and review purposes, in accordance with the "fair use" provisions of the Berne convention.


So I was watching an episode of Riptide on DVD this wee when I saw this amazingly beautiful young woman. I asked myself, "Who is this woman? Whatever happened to her? Has she continued to perform, or did she fade into obscurity?

As it turns out, her name is Maylo McCaslin. She later wound up marrying the infamous Willie Aames, and they are now born-again believers. 

This episode of Riptide was shot in 1984. That would be just around the time that Willie Aames started starring in Charles in Charge. About a year earlier, McCaslin had met Aames when he made a guest appearance on her cable TV program, Rocky Road. Apparently, she took quite a shine to her, and I can't blame him.

According to an article in Marriage Partnership, a Christian publication, Aames was still breaking his addiction to cocaine. For her part, McCaslin was known to dress provocatively in leather and fishnet stockings.



They got married in 1986. I don't know when or how it happened, but at some point, they came to Christ. It might be interesting to know if Aames's conversion is what brought McCaslin to change her life, or vice versa. Whatever the case, their lives were turned around dramatically.

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