Some of the most beautiful women I know

Okay, here are some rantings about some of the most stunningly beautiful women that I have seen in the popular media. (Yes, I'm single. Why do you ask?)

I like Jennifer Dempster . She has a nice face, and unlike a lot of other fitness gals, she has muscle tone but also has feminine curves.

Debbe Dunning is also quite fit. I thought she was really pretty during her early years on Home Improvement , but for some reason, her facial beauty diminished through the years.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. Say no more. (You can see more of her here.) Nobody epitomized beauty in the 1970s quite like Linda Jean Cordova Carter , Miss World USA 1972. What a wonder she truly is!

Then there's the painfully lovely Bailey Quarters of WKRP. My heart aches for a chance to meet someone like her.

Lee Meriwether had classic Miss America looks, and I always preferred her over Julie Newmar.

Courtney-Thorne Smith has one of the best combinations of face and figure on TV.

I really like the dearly departed (and unfortunately obscure) actress Juanin Clay, as well Robin Riker , another actress who's not so well-known.

Oh, and I don't want to forget TV's Amy Allen . What a natural beauty.

I always liked the fitness TV show, BodyShaping. It was my favorite by far. My favorite cast member by far? That would be the fit and wholesome-looking beauty, Jennifer Dempster. She was nice to look at.

And then there's Karen Austin, another underrated beauty with spectacular, sparkling eyes.

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