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In my estimation, Juanin was also the lovelier of the two. She might not have had Erin Gray's sex appeal, but she had finely crafted facial features, as though hewn from fine porcelain. When done up properly, she was a striking beauty indeed.

I won't claim that it was a mistake to cast Ms. Gray; indeed, she did a fine job with that role. I would have very much liked to see what Juanin would have done with it, though.

Juanin's character, Major Marla Landers, was reminiscent of Wilma Deering from the original movie. Deering's character was softened up for TV, but she was originally more hard-nosed, and that was reflected in Marla Landers. Landers was certainly a more militaristic character, despite her lower rank

I wish they had continued to go that route. During the first season, the romance between Buck and Wilma was only hinted at, and was frequently ignored altogether. This always rang false to me, and under the circumstances, I think that having a colleague like Landers would have been better.



Elsewhere, I've talked about Nicole deBoer and her delightful expressiveness. Juanin Clay had something of that too, as shown in the images here. It's hard to tell based on just one episode, but I suspect that she would have brought out a fine range of acting talents.

Well, as broad as can be given the cheesy scripts of the time. Sigh.

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