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I mentioned her appearance in War Games. This was a small but substantial role. Unfortunately, it wasn't the type that would have gained her much attention. Besides, the entire movie was mostly a vehicle for the young Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy.

It's also one of the few places where one can catch a glimpse of Ms. Clay in her glory. She wasn't done up as glamorously here; indeed, she was supposed to portray a professional heading off a world crisis, rather than some type of glamour queen. She did a fine job, too.

This was one of those movies that requires major suspension of disbelief, especially if you're computer-literate. It was okay for mindless fun, but not a great flick by any means.

IMDB says that she starred in the pilot episode of L.A. Law. Apart from that and War Games, it would doubtlessly be difficult to catch her performances. Too bad. I would have dearly liked to see more.

Ms. Clay, whereever you are, if you can read this, I hope you'll see that someone took note of you.



What more can I say here? She was a woman of beauty, and she had talent, too. How sad that she departed from this mortal sphere, without a whole lot of fanfare. I wish it had been different.

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