A tribute to Robin Riker

Robin Riker is one of those actresses who blends into the background and yet stands out at the same time.  She's not one of those A-list celebrities, and most people wouldn't recognize her name.  However, she's definitely an attention-getter.


These images are taken from an episode of The A-Team on which she was a guest star. They are used for commentary and review purposes, in accordance with the "fair use" provisions of the Berne convention.

Robin Riker is a capable actress as well as an undeniably striking beauty.  One can't help but notice her sparking eyes--and unlike many other Hollywood beauties, she has talent as well.  I'm sure that's why she's had a long career, and has captured a number of award nominations, as well as a dramalogue award.

Her career spans from the mid-seventies (at the very latest) to the present day.  How many actresses could do that if they only had their looks to fall back on?

In this episode, she played a waitress who had to call on the A-Team for help.  She did a fine job, but I just didn't buy her as a waitress.  This wasn't due to any lack of acting talent, mind you; rather, she simply looked too glamorous to be working in that capacity.  When was the last time you saw a waitress look like that?



And yet supposedly, that is how she got her start--serving burgers as she was discovered by a Hollywood producer.  This sounds like something from a trite movie plot, but it was real life for her.

I liked her performance in an early episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well.  She was older then, and less obviously glamorous as she played the witchy mother of a Sunnydale student.  She still carried the role well though, and I think that episode was one of the most memorable in the entire Buffy run.

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