Jennifer Dempster on Marci X

I really miss BodyShaping. It's one of my favorite fitness shows of all time, due to their charming and knowledgeable cast. I thought they were entertaining and informative, and they did a good job of inspiring their audience.


BodyShaping used to be on ESPN (and later, ESPN2) all the time, even when new shows were no longer being produced. They haven't been on the air in many months now, so I fear that they may no longer come back. What a terrible crying shame.

I'll confess that my favorite cast member was Jennifer Dempster, due to her good looks and winning smile. Initially, she appeared to be cast as more of a "girl next door" type, and seemed to take a back seat to the other cast members. In later episodes though, she became much more prominent.

Jennifer had always looked fit while she was on the show; however, in later seasons, she also looked like she had developed more muscle tone, and she looked more like a real fitness model rather than just a fit, healthy woman. Now, maybe that's just my memory playing tricks on me, but I think it's true. I'm sure that a lot of women envy her distinct yet feminine muscle tone.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Ms. Dempster had a small role in the obscure Lisa Kudrow film Marci X. Why is this film obscure? Because frankly, it just didn't do very well.



I'll say more about that on page two. Suffice to say that I wish she had a bigger role, and that we could have seen more. I suspect that her small, modest role played up to her strengths, and whatever one may say about the movie, it was really nice to see Ms. Dempster again.

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